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that's a great idea Jessiebanana! really great idea...
Although I am experimenting (a lot) I don't really consider myself a product junkie (maybe I'm just in denial though)...
I just consider myself new in the world of products, since for the past 9 years I have used the exact same shampoo and conditioner until going CG... I didn't know ANYTHING about products.
So yes, I have a long long long way to go to find my ideal products.

I also don't consider myself a product junkie because I know I'm someone who likes to keep it "safe". Once I have found something that works for me, I will stick to that, I'm sure... (maybe I will have 2 different kinds of every sort of product so I can use product series A on Wednesday and product series B on Sunday, just like Kathymack does but a bit less , but if I find the right things, I won't be looking into "new things" again, unless some of my routineproducts aren't sold anymore) ...

So... I really like the idea of ordering samples
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