Black Women Stand on NY Street and Allow Strangers to Touch Their Hair as Part of Social Experiment | Black Girl with Long Hair

This was basically a social experiment meant to fight the racial stereotypes of African-American hair by allowing strangers to touch 3 volunteers hair. It was considered the modern day Sarah Baartman to many people and basically called a petting zoo.

What do you guys think about it?
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Right. The author said:

"But it’s well documented that, for many Americans, segregation is a matter of choice and not circumstance. I fear that a display like this allows some people the opportunity to dip into black culture for an experience before returning to the ‘safety’ of a significantly less diverse world."

For every black person who doesn't want her or his hair touched by someone, there are likely enough who don't mind it, that we shouldn't need some sort of Ripley's Believe It or Not - type affair to exoticize it IMO; for quite a few people to run home and proudly declare, "Guess what I did today, Honey? Why I touched African American hair!" (Not an African, but the hair.) I don't know. Feels like one step from hanging a Ghanian or Native American mask in the house but otherwise remaining oblivious to all or most things African and NA, or actually buying that afro wig and wearing it for Halloween (without black people around) and then throwing it to the back of the closet. (I don't think everyone is like this; especially not most of us, who frankly just seem to be in love with whatever curly hair and how it looks and feels.)

No one is inherently bad for exploring their curiosity and touching black hair, or someone black placing her hair on display. It's just sad to me that there's so much ignorance about what black hair feels like to begin with. People would know what black hair felt like if inter-race relations were stronger and more frequent since the centuries Africans have been an integral and valuable part of the American community.

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