so there's no such as 'cg website' or anything like that?
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If you're interested in reading more I would get the Curly Girl Handbook. Curly Girl: The Handbook: Michele Bender, Lorraine Massey, Deborah Chiel: 9780761156789: Books You can order from amazon, download to Kindle or on Kindle cloud reader on your computer. This is the best introduction.

The main idea is not using shampoos with sulfates, avoiding silicones, and treating your hair gently. This means handling it gently, not brushing while dry, only detangling while your hair is soaked in a good detangling conditioner (such as KCKT), not using high heat to style (no straightening irons or curling irons, no diffusing on high heat) and no re-texturizing (such as perms or relaxers which are very damaging to hair).
2BC/f/II. fine - low/normal porosity - medium density - normal elasticity.

Currently using:
Low-poo: Jason Mango bodywash
Cowash: Cure Care diluted with water 1:1
RO: Cure Care, V05 Kiwi Lime
Styler: UFD CM (old formula), FSG + CNPF
PT: IAgirl's gelatine

light moisture, hydrolized protein, jelly stylers
guar hydroxypropyltrimonium chloride, sulfates, jojoba oil
Neutral on cones.

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