I wonder if you are mixing up 'moisturising' with conditioning or emollience. Moisturising means increasing water (= moisture), oils repel water it is humectants that attract water. Deep treatments with coconut oil work by the lauric acid penetrating and reducing porosity, coating the hair in a thin layer of fatty acids and increasing elasticity so overall your hair may feel in better condition. The anti humectant property is not a bad thing as it might sound, you don't actually want too much water in the hair.
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Yes, i've always thought of moisturizing and conditioning the same thing. How much water should be in your hair anyway?

I'm still confused though... when we talk about dry hair, it's not like water is the solution. Conditioning would be the solution, right? (Of course, having proper protein would also help keep hair from losing moisture.)
2BC/f/II. fine - low/normal porosity - medium density - normal elasticity.

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