Chloe - your pic from a couple days ago - maybe yesterday? Is what I am showing the stylist tomorrow. I decided to go to my same stylist for layers despite it not being a "curly" girl haircut. She has been good at giving me what I want.

Today I woke up too late to do the coconut oil treatment that I had planned. I washed with Texture My Way Hydrate Intensive Moisture Softening Shampoo, conditioned with darcy's pumpkin seed, and used it as a leave in. I didnt add any other product because the only thing I have at the moment is Curl Keeper and it has glycerin.. and i wanted to see how i did today without it. Humidity is 75%

I also scrunched water out the CG way but diffused/ dried my hair the way I used to when I was young and cute and had "great hair." Diffused and scrunched upside down to get the drying started then let it air dry the rest of the way. While it isnt amazing, it is better than yesterday. A cut tomorrow!! Fresh start and hopefully will have my analysis back very soon!! It's been 4 weeks.. so any day now. I am excited to get rid of the fried portions and try new products!