Not sure why it's assumed that just because someone wants to touch another person's hair, that they are somehow lacking in education or couth or manners or worldliness.
I love the way all kinds of hair feel, so I would be one of the people touching their hair at this event. It could have been any kind of hair and I would have still wanted to touch it. I always touch my sister's hair when she gets it blown out because it's so silky. I touch my boyfriend's son's hair when he gets it cut in a flat top or spikes it up because it feels all prickly. I like the feel of a fro or a beachy wave.
I would never touch someone's hair without permission. And I don't care if people touch my hair as long as they ask first and don't mess it up.
I don't see it as ignorant for people to be interested in or ask questions about something they don't know much about, whether it's hair, food, computers, spelling, whatever.
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