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Originally Posted by chloe92us View Post
^^^ I misunderstood your post then; I thought you meant if a woman dyes her hair she looks "better" (than if she didn't)....but i now think you meant a woman's DYE JOB tends to be better than a man's DYE JOB. That makes me feel better! Sorry!
That was precisely what I meant, Chloe. No problem though, misunderstandings happen. I would never dream of dying mine. For me, most of my gray is facial hair but good thing I shave regularly. Don't want to look like Papa Smurf yet. As for women looking better if they dye it as opposed to don't. Like anything, there's no hard and fast rules. I definitely haven't seen too many women look like trainwreaks after dying their hair. Then again, this thread is an example of people (women specifically) who accept gray and look great.
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