This is more a whinge than anything, and a cry for
Help! There must be more of you out there! So I have red, thick course hair that pretty much is just a rope. I tortured it through my teenage years, making it sick and limp.. So I cut it off and let it grow out naturally. It's just about APL now, and my layers have grown out and gosh is it thick! I cant do anything, buns fall out, it's too thick for anything cute. It's always knotting up and my fingers get caught in it.. I try washing every 3 days but it's impossible to manage without daily washing, and tearing it with combs. Don't even mention putting products in it! It just matts up entirely.
How do you thick girls manage your hair, without ripping it out? I need to learn techniques that will help manage.. All I can do is braid it. It's 2A and I prefer natural methods, I'm too lazy for products and hours of styling.. I just braid it and let it dry