Fifi, your papa had *excellent* taste in music!

i do love Dolly Parton; my nana took me to Dollywood 25 years ago on a very warm November day when they had just re-opened for the xmas season and it was so incongruous to see all the xmas decorations when it was 73F outside (it was already snowing in Toronto).

we bought a tape of her greatest hits and sang along with it all the way to Macon the next day!!

my papa fancied himself to be Tom Jones:

Tom Jones - What's New *****cat - YouTube

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Well thank you, for him The man loved music. Bluegrass, and keeping the traditional stories/ballads & songs alive was his heart (his mama taught to play it/instruments when he was a small boy) but many different types of music were his soul. He loved it.

Awww. You went when it was just a hole in wall. I loved it then. It started out so tiny, with just a few rides and more shows. Now it's huge! Especially between it and the water park. I was shocked at the difference when I went with my youngest nephews a few years ago. I have this fantasy that I will one day go there and meet her, and I will tell her about the coat of many colors my grandmaw (there has to be a w on the end of it, damn it) made for me. We will be best friends after that. Lol. I adore her. Anyone who goes on tv and tells a old story about "wanting to be trash" when she grows up, just like the woman in her town who dressed skimpy and therefore everyone called her trash, is fantastic in my book.

Tom Jones! That's always an excellent pick.
When I hear terms like "hipster" I think, who told cliques they could leave high school??