I'm sorry firefox, but I can't help but find your responses rude and patronising. There is no need to assume about my routines, or speak to me as if I am a naughty child, that won't stop playing with her hair. I'm sorry if my post was confusing and could be interpreted differently than that of my intentions. Just to make things clear, I was only trying to have some fun and connect to other wavies with thick, coarse hair and hear about how they personalise hair care methods for their hair. I have been 'lurking' on the website for a while, and there are alot of discussions for thin curlies than there are for thick, so I thought I would send out a probe and see how others deal with the width. I didn't mean for what was intended as plain fun to come across as ignorance.

Starmie: It isn't overly moisturising I agree, but I find it the best for my itchy scalp which is so easily irritated. I'm considering changing though, because I'm sure there are better things out there!! What did you change to?