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Recently on my trip to Dubai a man from Iran asked me if I was Spanish and I said no, he then asked me if I was Indian "or something"...and I said no I'm Canadian and he said but Canadian's are white.f.
While in BC last week, we went into the Walmart in Squamish. We lost one of the girls we were with and another asked the greeter if she had seen a loud little South African. When we found her, we were leaving and my friend said to the greeter "This is the one we were looking for!" The greeter "But, but, uh....she's white?!?!"
People are sooo clueless! I guess not everyone is cultured or intelligent but it's pretty sad. I'm Canadian so I wasn't going to bother sitting down with that moron and telling him that my grandmother is white and my grandfather is Spanish and my other grandparents are Indian and on and I'm mixed with a bunch of things and I love it but I'm still Canadian born and raised.

That greeter and my guy from Iran should get together and read a book every once in a while.
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