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Originally Posted by Firefox7275 View Post
Such pretty hair! My properties and products are in my signature.

Coconut oil is king for absorbing and reducing porosity, you can use it within a conditioner or as a pre-wash on dry hair or you can add oil and/ or aloe vera to your regular gel (DIY Ecostyler custard)
Mineral Oil Versus Coconut Oil: Which is better?
Eco Styler Olive Oil Custard - YouTube
The other issue is to use enough leave in conditioner, try using more than you think your hair can handle.

Products at a pH that respects the hair can help reduce frizz by encouraging the cuticle to lay flat, two lines that consider this are As I Am and Komaza Care, nice ingredients too.
The Scoop on Vinegar
As I Am Naturally
Komaza Care - The Complete Hair Solution
Oohh thanks for the hair compliments and your great hairtips!
Hair type/properties:
3c hair, high porosity, mediumdensity, low elasticity, fine hair.

Curly hair routine/regime:
Combine the modified cg-method (low poo) and a modified tightly curly method.
-Condition and leave in: Aubrey Organics, Giovanni Barzilian keratin and argan oil
-Sealer: shea butter, Argan, olive and coconutoil
-Gel: homemade flaxseed gel, Kinky curly custard, Queen Helene Curl royal shaping creme.

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