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Racism isn't built on words it's built on actions. The day blacks will stop saying n**** is when we are on the same playing field as whites.
I do have to say that both actions and words build off racism. That is like someone saying: "I am not racist, I just let two n****** in my house." How is that not derogatory? But you have your opinion and I have mine. But the next time a white, black, hispanic, Asian, etc. individual calls you a n***** don't get offended because it's just a word, right?
I don't get offended it depends on which one they call me. Theirs one that is derogatory and one that is used friendly meaning other races can say it but it depends on the person they are saying to.
Weirdly, this has become true as well. It seems that damn "er" is what is offensive. The "gga" version seems to be becoming more acceptable.

Not sure if this is progress or something I should be very worried about.

And we DO need to stop saying that word. I'm guilty as well. But the truth is the word needs to die. Period.
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