Negative on any probiotics after antibiotic use. I've honestly never looked into them. I've always heard it was good to consume yogurt during and after antibiotic use, but I can't stand the stuff. Unless it's an aged cheese, the more foul-smelling the better, I'm not keen on dairy products. I have a friend who will be visiting on leave from the Air Force around July 4th who is huge into all these various supplements and nutrition...I think he and I will go on a little shopping trip armed with your suggestions.

I'm really just now beginning to understand just how important it is to take a more holistic approach to my health, everything you have brought up rings true. The eczema, digestive issues, candida; they all have reared their ugly heads over the last few years. I treat each one individually as they occur, but they never fully are resolved. I really think diet modification is key, I've never eaten badly per se, but there's always room for improvement.

In other news, I tried the AVG on the particularly itchy, dry patch I have on my crown, no bad reaction! In fact, it soothed the itch rather than exacerbating it like two weeks prior. As long as I don't apply too frequently, I think I will try re-introducing it to my scalp/hair routine, see if I can handle it again.
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Mmmmm traditional cheeses, even better with a nice wine!!

Live yoghurt is worthwhile after antibiotics but a free dried acidophilus/ bifidobacteria supplement is way better due to the sheer numbers involved. The human gut contains a couple of pounds of bacteria (really!) many of which will die off after antibiotics. Sadly all too often the bad guys repopulate faster than the good guys, especially where the diet is less than optimal.

I took me getting too sick to work many years ago to get my head around taking responsibility for my own wellbeing, and TBH I'm not practicing what I preach at present. Guess what? First common cold in perhaps six or eight years this last winter, doh. In the UK it's considered normal to get sick once or twice each winter.

Having a biology/ healthcare background once I started reading up I read textbooks and papers and ended up retraining in lifestyle healthcare. The research blew my mind with the sheer power of nutrition and physical activity to prevent, partially treat or even 'cure' conditions which we think of as unavoidable like hayfever, mild to moderate depression, winter colds and many forms of cancer. Conventional medical treatments/ pharmacy absolutely has its place, but any drug or operation has a negative side effect or three, clean eating and sensible exercise does not.
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