I like both a lot. I often use them together. I think CJ CCCC Lite is about the best curl creme there is. However, Recoil is equally good, but different. It has mag sulfate so it can be drying to the hair but it really encourages curl.

The CCCC Lite might be your best bet for very humid days when your hair is likely to curl more easily. Also, I mix both of these with CIAB and get good results. All 3 are excellent products.

If you try them, please post back with your results.
2/c-3a Coarse hair med. density.
Protein sensitive but can use occasionally
Highly porous. Color over grey.
Best 1st day method: Ice Queen!
Stylers: Mix Curls in a Bottle into everything for shine. Terrible pj
Sometimes try roller sets or use a curling brush - classic glamor.
Every day is a gift