What she said! lol, I like them both. I've been using the CCCCL in place of my leave-in conditioner, and then putting gel on top. I don't know if it's because of the CJ, but I am pulling off 2nd day hair much more often than before! I can also use the CJ to smooth frizzies on 2nd day hair, but I can't use the Recoil this way for some reason. I like Recoil as well, but I agree- the CCCCL is different....and definitely worth a try!
2C/ Coarse/ Normal porosity/ SW Florida/ Salt & Pepper
Cleanse: CJ Daily Fix, JC Cleansing Cream, TJ Tea Tree Condish
Condish: JC Too Shea, CJ Curl Rehab (both as RO & LI)
Stylers: UFD CM, CJ PP, JC Spiralicious, Darcy's Cream Gel & Cocoa bean whip