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Thank you this is all so helpful!

Firefox - I live in Orlando so the humidity is really high. For example today it was 70% and I think the Dew Point was 74. I am not sure if my hair likes protein or not. My hair genie profile said that I should use protein, my hair is fine/normal/normal according to them. But, I have never looked into using it before. Funny enough I have been doing CG for years but never really looked that detailed into why some products might work and others don't. I just found combos that worked for my hair

Based on that is one of these products more likely to be better for me?
Fine hair does often like protein, so if you aren't aware of a problem I'd be more concerned about the glycerin. Spiral Solutions is potentially better because it looks like more protein, less glycerin and there are several anti humectants/ sealers. BUT Chloe92us is right, glycerin might not work in the current humidity/ dews, I definitely would avoid other humectants if you went for it. Did the hair analysis not give you any other options?
2a-2c, medium texture, porous/ colour treated. Three years CG, growing out mechanical and chemical damage = breakage and very high porosity. Past armpit length heading for waist.

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