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I have 3c/3b hair and I have done finger coils on a few occasions. Here were my results. Attachment 36762
Omg your hair looks beautiful! Did you use any gel to hold the curls together? Or just a leave-in?
This particular time I used a curl cream. But I have done it with live in only,But only in the cooler months. I would use gel(I like flaxseed gel) this time of year. Btw I looove your hair. What do you use to color it?
Oh okay. I was thinking of using one of the leave-ins I have, and then adding some of the eco styler gel to it since it doesn't make my hair stiff/hard. Hopefully I have good results.

&& Thank you! I used John Frieda's hair dye in the color Deep Cherry Brown. The color was the same as the box which rarely ever happens (at least for me, haha).
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