Try Tresemme Naturals Moisture. It's pretty popular, and I like it very much. And you're right that you need a styler, because that will help to hold your curls together and reduce the poof effect. I had a curly cut a couple of weeks ago, and the stylist wanted me to come in just shampooed and conditioned with no other product, and you should have seen my hair. Much more poof than usual, and much less curl definition.
3a/b, fine, normal porosity, high density

Wash: CJ Daily Fix, As I Am, TJs TTT
LI: Suave TC + CJ CCCC, brushed through with Denman
Styling: Smooth in LAL Wet Look gel, scrunch, and plop 10 minutes, then add a little more gel, cover with silk cap, and sleep on it
Refresh: 3:1 water/Suave mix as needed