This is extremely interesting! Thanks for this post. It's strange because at my local target, the natural products are in the ethnic area; however, the other Targets in the surrounding area carry a more separate aisle for the natural products, it's funny how it will change. My other thought with this is how they don't want the natural products to be simply placed in the ethnic area (makes sense). However, I couldn't help but think that that is because the ethnic hair care is always at the end of the aisle and it wouldn't sell! I do think that it should be placed (natural hair products) in an open area so everyone can stop and think about these products and then reflect on what they are currently doing with their hair.

I wish stores would sell little pamphlets to help people who decide to go natural. However, this is a good start with Target. I hope Walmart decided to do something similar because so far, all the 'natural' stuff is in the ethnic area and I personally believe that since that is in the end of the aisle, people won't bother looking at it.
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