Rustina I have been considering the CJ Assurance Gentle, is that the one you are talking about? I read that some people did not like this because it was too thin.
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I saw those reviews too, but I have super dense, medium-coarse hair and I have no trouble whatsoever in distributing it. I usually take one medium squirt and coat my hands with it, run it over my canopy, then work that into the upper 2/3 of my length. Then if I need to, I'll take one smaller squirt, coat my hands with it, then run it over my length and work that in. To me, it cleans as well as Kinky Curly but does not leave my hair feeling stripped or squeaky.

Here's the bottle - I think we're talking about the same thing:

I ran out of this poo a couple of months ago, and decided to hold off on rebuying it until I could use up my Shea Moisture poo and some Kinky Curly Come Clean - but every time I use either of those, I wish I had my CJ poo instead. It is awesomeness.
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