Ridiculously expensive based on the ingredients, and I think would be much too heavy for your hair anyway.

My hair doesn't like mineral oil on its own, but I've used the K-Pak and it was fine. Supposedly CO will remove mineral oil, or at least I know people who use MO regularly and also CO who say it works for them. I don't find MO to be as good as natural oils (camellia is my favorite, followed by argan), so I don't recommend it, but some swear by it. If you want to find out how your hair does with it, I'd use MO by itself, just a drop or two, and see what you think. That way, you won't have other ingredients to sort out along with the MO.
3a/b, fine, normal porosity, high density

Wash: CJ Daily Fix, As I Am, TJs TTT
LI: Suave TC + CJ CCCC, brushed through with Denman
Styling: Smooth in LAL Wet Look gel, scrunch, and plop 10 minutes, then add a little more gel, cover with silk cap, and sleep on it
Refresh: 3:1 water/Suave mix as needed

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