^I agree with Firefox about cutting the sulfates, and def experiment with one thing at a time.

I have to add that a lot of wavies, especially those w/ fine, thin hair don't necessarily need a leave-in conditioner. Actually I've seen other curlies as well say they skip the LI in the summer.

I can often skip the LI, or skip my RO if I'm using a LI. Fine & thin haired wavies can struggle with being over-conditioned on the CG method more so than coarse & thick haired curlies. I'd suggest experimenting, and seeing what best works for you!
2BC/f/II. fine - low/normal porosity - medium density - normal elasticity.

Currently using:
Cowash: Cure Care diluted with water 1:1
RO: Cure Care, V05 Kiwi Lime
Styler: UFD CM (old formula), FSG + CNPF
PT: IAgirl's gelatine

Experimenting with: CeraVe Foaming as low-poo, gelatin gel

light moisture, hydrolized protein, jelly stylers
guar hydroxypropyltrimonium chloride, sulfates
Neutral on cones.

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