Did the strand tests come out fine? Which specific products do you have from the brands you list?
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The products that is under "what I have on hand" is currently what I have now. I'm basically looking for good products that I can find in places like target or sally's that are good. I know some about ingredients but clearly not as well as you. I did not know about trading the pH of products. I will look into that further. Thank you.

I know exactly of the filer you are speaking of.

I do use coconut oil in my diy treatments for my hair. I just typically do not use it in everyday products. Just like now I have my head wrapped up sitting in a honey, coconut oil, and olive oil treatment.

I will definitely check out other ingredients and information you have listed. It's greatly appreciated.

I try to be very conscious about the tugging of my air. I need to get satin cases. Bonnets won't stay in my hair for any reason.

Ty ladies. Like I said I'm pen to trying almost anything lol

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