I understand Firefox's passion about being careful what to add inside your body. There are so many different reasons why hair loss begins to happen.

Some people have to be very careful about the amount of vitamin K they take because of blood clotting issues. Some have to be careful about vitamin E. Fish Oil can be harmful to someone with kidney disease. These are many of a few issues why there must be caution used.

Anyways, for my particular hair loss I have a few things going against me. First and foremost thinning hair is genetic on my mother's side and in the women as well as men. (Thanks Ma!) Secondly I had a MAJOR surgery which has hair loss as a side effect common with it and lastly due to a medical problem I often suffer from certain vitamin deficiencies.

1) always seen out a doctor to figure out WHY you are having hair loss.

2) Yes Messaging your scalp is always helpful. This stimulates circulation in your scalp.

3) ACV rinses, Honey Treatments, Coconut Oil Deep Treatment.... these things are great for a number of reasons. Number one, they are all anti-fungal and anti-bacterial. So messaging them into your scalp will stimulate circulation and kill any bacteria clogging things up for new follicles to grow.
Dandruff is actually a bacteria and not just dry scalp.

4) Vitamin Supplements, yes they can be a positive thing and encourage hair growth, BUT too much of a good thing can be harmful. It's best to get your vitamin levels checked first. Things like Biotin, (or your B vitamins in general) the wonderful Omega-3s, Garlic and Onion oils, etc.

5) Eating healthy is always a good promoter to healthier hair, nails, body and mind. I encourage a body cleanse of getting rid of impurities. (at a doctor's discretion and follow up with a nutritionist on the safest way of doing this.)

6) Exercise

7) Hair Care Consistency. Doing good things for your hair and body once in a while isn't going to do much. You must be consistent and have a good routine and regiment going for you.

Volumizing products. They can work. Many of them have protein and fillers to help make the follicles seem larger.

9) Stay away from the brush and combs. Only comb your hair when it's loaded with conditioner. Your hair is thinning, and it is fragile... the less you do to it the better.

10) Stay away from any sort of processing. I recently made this mistake and UGH the hair loss has been awful. Go to a CG Salon if you want to do anything.

11) IF you suffer from genetic hair loss, YES Rogaine can help. Speak to your doctor about it, but it has been scientifically proven to help women. In fact I do believe the success rate is better in women than in men. However if you stop then your hair can return to falling out again. It is a life time commitment. Again talk to your doctor. A dermatologist specifically recommended it to me to try.

And that's about all I can think of at this time.

Oh one more, don't constantly put your hair up in ponytails and if you do make sure it is loose.
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