Yesterday i tried it again.. I washed, conditioned, and did not do a leave in. I added the okra gel to my CK and then topped with LAL gel - my hair was fine, and day 2 hair looks nice too. I did notice I had less crunch with my gel and not much hold through the day yesterday.. so I do think the heaviness and grimy feeling was from using too much - so that is good.. Now I need to figure out how to use it tomorrow...
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Try using the okra gel without a LI, and without the CK, just make sure you do a nice RO in the shower and leave it in for a while before rinsing. Then top the okra with gel. I think Kathy uses quite a bit of humectants in her okra gel, so adding CK (loaded with humectants) was too much, and decreased the hold power of the gel.
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