Deva was a disaster in my hair. Never tried Miss Jessie's, but haven't really had a desire to, either.

I usually don't spend more than $10 on a hair product, and if I do, it had better be magic! Lol!
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Samantha, you don't have to worry about bashing! I feel that way about the Deva line... I've never tried it but looking at the ingredients it really doesn't seem all that special. But it's soooooo much money! You can get similar or better products for so much cheaper! Not bashing the brand either, just sayin.

Yes, it absolutely does save your wallet to research products and ingredients and make purchases based on informed decisions.
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Not going to lie, I do love deva, but it's true there is better stuff and it's VERY expensive! And yes Jas, it sure better be magic if it's more than $10, I do agree on that! LOL
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