I'm using the SM Milk thinned with quite a bit of water, with a little oil added. This seems to be working pretty well. My main issue is that with clipping my hair up during the day, I lose curl in the front but not the back, so the front is very loose and the back is very curly. Still figuring that one out. Has anyone used just a bit of KCCC, maybe thinned with water, to scrunch up curls next day?

ETA: It's probably about a pea-sized amount of the SM and a drop or two of oil. My hair is about BSL wet and very thick.
3a/b, F, normal porosity

Wash with either Suave Tropical Coconut, As I Am, or CJ Daily Fix
Condition with STC or Yes to Blueberries and detangle with Denman, rinse very lightly (baptismal rinse)
Add LAL gel, either Sport or Wet Look, scrunch with flour sack towel, and plop
Diffuse 5 minutes, then air dry

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