I started writing a really long essay.

Basically what I was writing was that curly hair is sociologically charged in a way that wavy hair (talking more 2b/2a here) is not. I respect that part of the natural movement and sites like nc.com function as a safe space for exploration, communal learning, as well as self-acceptance and empowerment for those with tighter curl patterns, patterns that are not frequently accepted, represented nor idealized in mainstream media (unlike 2a beach waves).

This is part of the reason why there isn't so much "wavy content" on this site. I respect that.

Another reason is because I don't think people with wavy hair really realize that their hair can actually benefit so much from "curly hair care." It is naturallycurly and not naturallywavy after all. The distinctions between wavy and curly are too hard in mainstream thinking anyway IMO, which actually leads back to curly hair being sociologically charged.

I'm all for more wavy content on this site! I just wanted to get that out there... it was buggin me. Us looser wavies aren't underprivileged in any way in the big picture as long as the mainstream idealizes our pattern (which it does and has for decades).
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