I love coconut oil.
You can buy a jar of pure virgin coconut oil at trader joe's and it will cost you $6.
You can get the same thing at the market for $11-12

My hair loves it and so far my skin does too.
I also have gone totally off SLS things.
I do my face as I do my hair- I no poo and condish it with my deva stuff or whatever I am using. My facialist thinks it's fine and hasn't tried to make me buy her products, though I would if she recommended to.

My husband and I are both happy that we. Have kept our septic system balanced after a crisis last year which could have cost up to $15K

No SLS here.
I even use condish to launder my fragiles.
You get the knack after awhile and make friction and agitation do the real work.
People are WAY too hooked on suds, lather, and deodorizers.
I especially hate how scented products have to be to cover up the ingredients.
Laundry detergent, ugh! Use some VO5 or Suave, just as cheap.

And better for the environment.
If its bad for air or water would you put it on your hair and skin?
I don't want my skin or curls overly warmed or polluted.

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