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It looks good! It's funny that you need to comb so much, because I'm the opposite. My curls get frizzier if I mess with them too much. I'm actually getting really good curls, but I'm having some trouble with the very back of my head. I don't seem to be scrunching/diffusing it very well. I guess it could be worse, because for the most part people aren't looking at the back of my head so much, but it kinda bugs me.

That SM Milk is great stuff, isn't it? I'm thinking about ordering the SM conditioner--the one you use is the coconut and hibiscus one, right? Does it seem pretty moisturizing? I'm using Tresemme Naturals right now, and it's cheaper and works pretty well, but you know...product junkie. I'm always looking for the product that's better than what I'm using now!
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