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Originally Posted by curlypearl View Post
I bought the Samsung 29" (diagonal screen size). It is 26" across so it will just fit. I have to wait until it is set up but I'm excited.

I haven't bought a new tv in about 15 years.
I hope you are enjoying it! It is exciting. My prehistoric box tv died 10 years ago. It was a good tv, had an excellent pic, and I had it repaired (for nothing) twice. I miss those days when they were not made to be disposable but it was time to upgrade. The price on a 36 inch LCD was high when I bought mine, but I had some money saved and got it. It was perfect for me at that time. As they advanced, I made up my mind that I wanted 3D, and something a little bigger, but only when mine died. Not before! I watch a ton of tv, and am a huge movie buff, so it's a good investment. And a fun new toy!!
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