I'm mad.

(and yes, I realize it's a "First World Problem")

I work for a school district and next week I'll be done for the summer. Usually this is about 4 weeks off, sometimes a bit more. The new duty schedules came out today and it's only 3 weeks. I'm really mad.

That last week I'm off I'll be in court (a family member was murdered last year and the trial begins the first week of August) - I was really hoping I'd have some decompression time after the trial before I have to show up back at work (I think it'll be a relatively short trial, not that I know much about such things, but there is only one possible suspect and all evidence supports that).

I was really looking forward to my time off and now I'm just pissed.
And, yes, I realize that I'm lucky to get the time off that I do get, but also I don't get "vacation days" so all of my off time is on the calendar provided for me, and now I'm shorted a week. GRRRRRR

and in a few hours, I'll be excited that I will be off for the time I get, but right now GGRRRRRR
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