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Early therapy (speech, etc) for kids with disabilities seems to be the main things mentioned. It still makes me nervous for my cousin, and many kids like her. She has down's, and she got some help from early programs. She is a junior in high school now. Her mom was scared to death, but it has been great for her. She has been in some of the best programs at school, and she even got a special spot/job on the cheerleading team Her ability to learn has in ways reached it's limits, in many ways, but they have gone above and beyond in helping her make the most of her knowledge. She currently has the prospect of attending high school 2 years after graduation, in order to learn a trade. She has developed a strong bond with her teachers, they know their students strength and weaknesses well. This helps them continue that growing relationship, rather than starting over with someone new. With the way they are slashing education ...
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