When you use scissors that aren't completely sharp, or are used for cutting things other than hair, the hair is actually crushed/torn rather than severed neatly. So essentially you are creating a frayed area, much like the frayed end of a rope. It's really not better than a split breaking off, and could be worse. You'd have to look at the hair under a microscope to do an actual comparison. I have a microscope, but like to live in an oblivious state so refuse to do a check on my hair, lol.
3a/b, F, normal porosity

Wash with either Suave Tropical Coconut, As I Am, or CJ Daily Fix
Condition with STC or Yes to Blueberries and detangle with Denman, rinse very lightly (baptismal rinse)
Add LAL gel, either Sport or Wet Look, scrunch with flour sack towel, and plop
Diffuse 5 minutes, then air dry