I know this is an old post, but when I do the baking soda wash I never use ACV and always use conditioner. I tried it with BS and ACV but I felt like my hair was greasy or heavy or something. I also tried just the vinegar, and it worked, but pretty soon it felt really gross. I've also been daring and tried just the baking soda and it was a DISASTER.

Doesn't it make sense for us low porosity girls to just use the baking soda? The BS opens up your hair, allowing the conditioner to actually be soaked in. When I cowash it just sits there, but with the baking soda my hair feels soft and moisturized. It doesn't make sense to put vinegar on it since our hair doesn't need any help closing up!

That's been my experience. I have low porosity, high density, thin hair. Baking soda plus conditioner has worked for me!