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Originally Posted by Corrina777 View Post
I started aiming for smaller clumps about a year ago. There are a few things that seem to work for me, in terms of technique. First, I try to stick to thinner gels. No Eco Styler for me. I also use a combo rake and scrunch technique- I've found that the raking breaks up the clumps, and with a strong hold gel I can still scrunch back my curls. The last thing I just noticed last week- I've been experimenting with applying product to less than soaking wet hair and the results have been fantastic.
Thinner clumps is very different from "soft waves" or unclumpy though. I achieve thinner clumps the same way you do (raking in, applying to nonsoaking hair, protein also tends to break up my clumps a little more). Thinner clumps mean more volume for me but it also means my hair is more... see-through? I actually prefer bigger clumps if it weren't for the loss of volume.
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