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Originally Posted by alslgirl2002 View Post
Alright, I probably should not have tried two new things last night. I tried the colorful neutral protein filler in my coconut oil+DT following a low poo. My hair felt great this morning before and after wash, not stiff or anything and while washing it just really felt nice. I styled as usual, but I also bought a hot bonnet this week and was dying to try that out to improve my hair drying time so I put it on for about 10-15 minutes while I did my makeup and brushed my teeth. So the end result is that my hair is still frizzy and it just feels dry which is wierd given that I soaked it overnight in oil and condish which usually makes it look lovely. So now I don't know whether it was the bonnet or my PT/DT but I do know that I am not having nice hair!
Hmmm if it's feeling dry just add some condish. I do know that coconut oil is supposed to help with protein retention, so I don't know if maybe the amount of protein functioned like a hard PT.... it is true that despite it being a PT/DT you did leave it on overnight, so the protein even if it wasn't a lot really had time to absorb. Anyway if it's feeling dry just add some condish as an LI.

EDIT: I'm looking at your siggy. I wouldn't use the SM milk for the above purpose because it has some protein and it's full of anti-humectants which is not exactly what dry hair needs. I see you have CJ Rehab... use some of that... dilute it with water if necessary.
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