Blech. I hate this stuff. I've been to the salon twice in four weeks (decided I wanted to go shorter, that's why so little time between visits), and both times after the stylist used this gel, my hair feels gunked up. I know he didn't use too much, because he showed me how much he uses, and if anything, it's less than what I use of my own products. His application is fine, the drying is fine, the final feel is gross. I can use a good amount of KCCC/BRHG and once it dries and I SOTC, you can't tell I have product in my hair. This gives me curl definition and hold, but it just feels like crap.
3a/b, F, normal porosity

I've gotten my routine down to the bare essentials, finally
Wash: Suave Tropical Coconut
Leave-in: Suave Everlasting Sunshine, detangle with Denman brush
Gel: LAL Sport or Wet Look
Scrunch with flour sack towel, plop 10 minutes, air dry
Refresh with either plain water or Suave/water mix