The frizz is just out of control.
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Hmmm. How does your hair feel? Does it feel soft or dry? If it feels very soft, possibly mushy and/or is limp it could be overconditioned. I know you're going to up the protein (and possibly have already)... but if it's overconditioned you might try laying off the coconut oil soaks. I did them quite a lot in the beginning until my hair was in better condition, but now I don't really need them. Last time I did one was 2 months ago. I'm thinking of doing one now....for me it would just be waaaaaay too much for me to do weekly. I guess I thought there was some specific reason why you were doing so many so it didn't click that that could be the problem.... you could just be overdoing it.

ANYWAY sorry I'm adding... I don't think this is the right thread for this convo... we can discuss more on the thread you started!
fine - normal porosity*?- medium density - normal elasticity. Hard water. SoCal.
*Used to be low-porosity, but I lightened my hair 1-2 shades, so I may be normal-porosity now.

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