Alright, I probably should not have tried two new things last night. I tried the colorful neutral protein filler in my coconut oil+DT following a low poo. My hair felt great this morning before and after wash, not stiff or anything and while washing it just really felt nice. I styled as usual, but I also bought a hot bonnet this week and was dying to try that out to improve my hair drying time so I put it on for about 10-15 minutes while I did my makeup and brushed my teeth. So the end result is that my hair is still frizzy and it just feels dry which is wierd given that I soaked it overnight in oil and condish which usually makes it look lovely. So now I don't know whether it was the bonnet or my PT/DT but I do know that I am not having nice hair!
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Hmmm if it's feeling dry just add some condish. I do know that coconut oil is supposed to help with protein retention, so I don't know if maybe the amount of protein functioned like a hard PT.... it is true that despite it being a PT/DT you did leave it on overnight, so the protein even if it wasn't a lot really had time to absorb. Anyway if it's feeling dry just add some condish as an LI.

EDIT: I'm looking at your siggy. I wouldn't use the SM milk for the above purpose because it has some protein and it's full of anti-humectants which is not exactly what dry hair needs. I see you have CJ Rehab... use some of that... dilute it with water if necessary.
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For RO I use the SM but I am looking for a new RO without shea. My DT is always the curl rehab - it is so moisturising. Interestingly, after I got home, I partially rewetted and mixed some LA naturals with water and smoothed over the top and scrunched into the ends and then let it air dry and had fairly nice hair this evening although it was a little fluffy and undefined, but not as frizzy as earlier.
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