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Originally Posted by Ashleigh View Post
I'm not sure about my properties. How can I find out? My hair tends to like protein but I can go overboard on it easily. I was using Dep gel and my hair got crispy after a few weeks of use.

Also, how should I part my hair? Sometimes I use my fingers or let it fall naturally but it tends to look odd when I do. I've been wondering about how to part my hair forever.
Part it how you wish, I don't part at all because it kills curl at the roots, I just clip the roots for volume. All I said was that we can't accurately type your waves if you have parted (ie. used a comb).

Check out the link that WavyDaze posted, the stickies on the general haircare board and the newbies board.

I wonder if you are blaming the wrong ingredient: assuming I've found the right product there is table salt in the Dep gel which is very drying, no protein just amino acids that should wash away with every use not build up.
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