Same here. I got a very producty feel with the UDG. And the weird thing is it isn't that heavy. It's light and you can SOTC really easily. But my hair felt awful when I tried it. And when I went to wash it was tangly and dry. It did look good though.
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I get very little crunch with the Deva. It would actually be a great product--little crunch, good definition and hold--if it didn't feel so dang yucky. On the other hand, my KCCC + BRHG doesn't look so good drying because it's so crunchy, but it looks and feels great after SOTC. And this morning I rolled out of bed and had perfect second day hair! I'm loving this cut. I think my stylist is a genius, other than using that Deva gel, haha.
3a/b, F, normal porosity

Wash with either Suave Tropical Coconut, As I Am, or CJ Daily Fix
Condition with STC or Yes to Blueberries and detangle with Denman, rinse very lightly (baptismal rinse)
Add LAL gel, either Sport or Wet Look, scrunch with flour sack towel, and plop
Diffuse 5 minutes, then air dry