Hi BenBen

I can really understand your anxiety about getting a haircut :-) just because it takes so long to grow..
I mentioned that I went to Orla Quinlan for a 'style cut' because I haven't had Bianca style mine yet, she has pretty much cut it just as I have asked, and she;s done that well - perhaps if you went in there with a picture? Sometimes though I just want to go in there and say to the hairdresser "What do you think would suit me?". I know Orla does 'free' 15 min consultations, where she can go through a few options as to how she would cut it. It also depends on your type of curls and how they've worked best in the past, and you can gauge from what she suggests how it will work on your hair.

My best cutter yet was Dana at Ashmore Plaza on the gold coast - she has curly hair herself and just LOVES curls - I haven't met such a good curl advocate since. I would let her do anything on my hair, and trust her implicitly. The others, I am still a bit careful with...

sorry I can't be more help. I think Orla and Bianca are lovely and very curl-positive - the best I've found in Sydney so far - however I'm still looking for my blunt-cut 3B style guru.