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Thank you for everyone! I might use Tresemme Naturals as CO for now on. Do you think that the leave-in is good for my hair? Or will I have to change it?

I'm about to buy coconut oil, shea butter and aloe vera gel from iherb! I hope it helps.

I made some flaxseed gel with hint of olive oil and honey, will it work for my hair type? I am pretty much lost with everything.. I need all the tips you can give me!

Also, it's pretty hard to find apple cider vinegar from here, but we have apple vinegar in the frigde, is it same deal or what's the difference?
If you have fine or thin or wavy hair use penetrating oils as ingredients not straight up, you will likely find shea butter weighs your hair down and may even build up, it does not penetrate the hair, coconut oil does so is wonderful as a deep treatment on porous or damaged hair. Vinegar is not an essential part of CG and can be drying if overused.

Honey and aloe vera are humectants (attract water), whether they work for you depends on your hair properties and dew points/ humidity. They can cause frizz on porous hair which you likely have being bleach and heat damaged.
Mineral Oil Versus Coconut Oil: Which is better?
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The spritz seems ok but is not a true leave in conditioner that will help your hair hold the right amount of moisture and clump/ define curls, a true conditioner is rich in fatty alcohols and cationic surfactants.

We can give you tips if you work out your hair properties and dew points/ humidity. There is a frizz forecast app on the main NC site. Hair properties on Live Curly Live Free
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