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Default I seriously regret cutting my curly hair.?

So i wanted to do something crazy a few months ago and i cut my hair to shoulder length. I loved it it was easy to style.If i wanted it straight i didnt needed to use a lot of heat and it still looked cool if i came out of the shower with my curly hair. So i wanted to get rid of the in between length so i cut it again this time collarbone length and my curly looks afwful (i wanted to get rid of the layers) so i had to cut it even. My hair used to be long but it was damaged because it just wouldnt grow anymore so i was bored and i wanted a change..... and now i regret it. I regret that i cut it layers and that i cant really wear my hair curly anymore. I definity cut my hair a few inches off (let's 10 cm) 5 motnhs ago and it grew 6 cm back but what is really depressing me is that i need to start over again.....i feel ugly with those layers. I dont hate my shorter hair i actually love it and i dont want it really long again (that is not what im going for) but i was seriously hyperventilating because i want to model and i cant if my hair is a mess. I always sabotage myself. Now i want to grow back 5 cm in 2 month and its summer so i know it grows faster in the summer. What can i do to make it grow back faster. i seriously cant eat or sleep because im so depressed about this. My looks are important to e because i want to model. And my hair only looks great when i straighten it but i know that straightening is not good so i minimize it to 1 every 2 weeks. My hairtype is 3b. Im so depressed over this.....i even hyperventalited because i felt so hopeless....what can i do. When my hair was long it would not grow! i even stopped using heat on for 8 months straight and its still looked and felt tangly and stringly and it would never grow past my ever. So i had to cut it off but this time i cut it too short and in layers....Im so so so sad. LITERALLY sick to my stomach. I dont want it back long because my hair was just too thin when i straightened it and lifeless but i would liketo have right above my boobs....i think that will look the prettiest on me and the fullest. So im not asking for much.

Thank you so much
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