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Ladies, lately what I've been doing to not get clumps is through conditioner only styling. I squeeze out all the water out of my hair in the shower. I rake in conditioner (SS Caitlins) sometimes emulsifying it Chupie-style. This breaks up all the clumps but gives me the best even distribution. Sometimes I will scrunch again, sometimes not. Airdry while even ::gasp:: moving my hair around. The final product is a little messy, as in some pieces are wavier than others, but the frizz is down and this is the easiest easiest style for me. 2nd day hair looks great, usually better than 1st day and I can even push 3rd day hair. No gel, no crunch, no clumps. I actually also like the clumpy gel "noodle look"! I get more compliments when my hair is "noodley" and if I plop it makes me wavier and spiraley-er but the noodle-look is higher maintenance.

I want to post some pics as soon as I figure how to add a blob of some sort over my face!
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