I wash with Trader Joe's Tea Tree Tingle, RO with Tresemme Naturals, and use either SheaMoisture Milk or KCKT as a leave-in, depending on what I think my hair needs. KCKT isn't really a very moisturizing leave-in, but generally I don't need much extra moisture. I could get away with just using Tresemme for everything, but I think I get better results using different products.
3a/b, fine, normal porosity, high density

Wash: CJ Daily Fix, As I Am, TJs TTT
LI: Suave TC + CJ CCCC, brushed through with Denman
Styling: Smooth in LAL Wet Look gel, scrunch, and plop 10 minutes, then add a little more gel, cover with silk cap, and sleep on it
Refresh: 3:1 water/Suave mix as needed