I'm going to try this... Ty! Will any conditioner work?
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I've tried 3 for this purposes: SM Curl & Style Milk, Caitlin's Condish, Shescentit Okra Reconstructor.

The Shescentit was nice, lighter but didn't work for me because it had too many humectants. I really do have to avoid those in my humid, high dew area. The SM C&S Milk and Caitlin's both gave me good and similar results, i think I prefer the Caitlin's though.

The weird thing is that it doesn't look as good 1st day as it does 2nd day... I think amount has to do with it as well. Like for me it takes like a full 24 hours for the conditioner to fully absorb, especially the SM one since it's much more full of oils. Usually I will wake up the next day though and my hair feels completely product-less and looks better. There is a trade-off though.... I don't have as much definition though and it's more 2a. :/ The good thing about it is that I can be so entirely lazy and I get more mileage without touchups.
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