Ok, I need some advice on products I can use (oils, etc), when taking out my braids for a braid out. I've tried doing braid outs in the past, but stopped because I was noticing a lot of mid strand splits. The process of taking down the braids was too harsh on my hair. I've had better luck with twist outs, but I don't get the same definition when I do big twists (frizz city).

My hair is 4b. It's growing, but as it gets longer I've been trying to simplify my life by doing my hair in bigger sections, so that my hair takes less time. Sorry for the novel, but any advice I can get on taking down my braids without damaging my hair & keeping the definition, would be appreciated. Heck, I'd even take advice on how to remove big twists & still have definition.
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All of this advice is very helpful. One additional suggestion: if when braiding or twisting, you borrow hair from the other sections (because you notice the pieces you're working with are getting shorter/thinner) you may experience tangles and frizz. I know from experience. If that section runs out just stop and start over or continue to work with the pieces u have left.
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